We couldn’t have done it without…

For this project--from research through to writing, marketing, and building the website--we owe a deep debt of gratitude to our generous supporters of financial and intellectual capital. In particular, we want to highlight a number of foundations and their environmental leaders: Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation, the Johnson Foundation and Jesse Johnson; the Surdna Foundation and Ed Skloot and Hooper Brooks; the Overbrook Foundation and Daniel Katz; and Fletcher Asset Management, Inc., and Alphonse Fletcher, Jr.

The quality of the book was greatly enhanced by the perspectives of a group of executives, scholars, and advisors who provided intellectual support from the onset. Special appreciation goes to Mike Porter from the Harvard Business School who, from the first days of this project, has helped us think through the challenges of raising environmental strategy to a higher level. We’ve benefited from comments and suggestions from many others, including Antony Burgmans, Chantal-Line Carpentier, Betrand Collumb, Daniel Gagnier, Brad Gentry, Diana Glassman, Hank Habicht, Chad Holliday, Robert Jacobson, Harri Kalimo, Nat Keohane, Frank Loy, Pat McCullough, Raymond Necci, Mads Ovlisen, Robert Repetto, Jeff Seabright, Jeff Sonnenfeld, David Vogel, Dennis Welch, Richard Wells, and Tensie Whelan. Special thanks to Gordon Binder, Marian Chertow, Bill Ellis, Larry Linden, and Jan Winston (Andrew’s father), each of whom read our draft with an incredible eye for detail and helped us refine how we laid out the concepts and ideas in the book. A special acknowledgement to Matt Blumberg who provided support ranging from the concrete, such as office space in New York, to the intellectual, such as perspectives on how to expand the appeal of the text to small businesses and how to market the book.

Finally, we owe a great debt to the Yale community. A dedicated team of research assistants from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the Yale School of Management, and the Yale Law School worked tirelessly to provide data, analysis, and in-depth research to help back up or redirect our theories and ideas. We want to particularly acknowledge the contributions of Elisa Berry, Pat Burtis, Pamela Carter, Genevieve Essig, Jordanna Fish, Cassie Flynn, Jennifer Frankel-Reed, Rachel Goldwasser, Kaitlin Gregg, Ann Grodnik, Lauren Hallett, Laura Hess, Andrew Korn, Cho Yi Kwan, Emily Levin, Jessica Marsden, Tiffany Potter, Marni Rappaport, Kara Rogers, Elena Savostianova, Manuel Somoza, Grayson Walker, Austin Whitman, and Rachel Wilson. Melissa Goodall and Christine Kim at the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy helped shepherd this project through its many phases and always stayed calm under fire. Special thanks to Marge Camera at the Yale Law School, who was the first person to read this book cover to cover while making our countless edits a reality in digital form.

Thanks to you all.