Consumers & Community

Excerpts from Green to Gold (p. 86-90)

"CEO Peers
The days of corporate titans deciding the fate of markets on the 9th tee seem to be on the wane, but leadership networks remain strong and important...Pro-environmental speeches from CEOs like BP's Lord Browne and Wal-Mart's Lee Scott up the ante for all executives. Peer pressure does not end in high school.

Consumers can be fickle, and nowhere more so than in the environmental arena. Give consumers products that support vitality and a healthy lifestyle, and the younger ones especially are likely to beat a path to your door...But offer them products that are demonstrably good for the environment more generally, and the results are far harder to predict.

It's vital for companies to engage local communities before, during, and after opening or expanding operations in a region...Given the deeply complicated issues associated with indigenous communities, anti-sprawl campaigns, and not-in-my backyard attitudes, local support or opposition can make or break even the best-laid plans."