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New York has long been a place where people from all over the world came to seek their fortune or aspire for a better way of life. Whatever the circumstances or reasons were, the United States became a home for many people across the world, including South Africans.

Upon arrival, many sought out their fellow South-Africans amongst the unfamiliarity and enormity of a first world country, with little success. Many people do not know that a small percentage of South-Africans, other than those from the government or business sector, come from rural areas in SA and often from low-income families or communities. A large majority come on student scholarships, cultural exchange programs, working agencies or on their own merit, seeking to experience the global village, advance their education or seek a better life.

Although there existed social groups for South-Africans in the United States, it did not represent the cultural diversity of the Rainbow Nation, only a small privilege group with likeminded social, economical and financial interest or status in society.

So South-African Culture in New York Group was founded by the emerging South-African author Deon L. de Jongh who grew up on the Cape Flats of a diverse South Africa. After having lived in New York for many years, and returning to his native Cape Town, he now help promote and giving back to other South Africans in NY with a place and group they can call "YeboLand! Home away from home." ...but SA is where the heart will always be.


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